New HTML5 friendly Theme By WordPress

WordPress has just released a brand new theme named “Toolbox“. The Toolbox theme is integrated with HTML5 CSS for advanced, convenient WordPress customizations. This is the first theme to use HTML5 tags and HTML5 CSS coding. New coding makes it easier for wordpress bloggers to setup and change layout information on a blog or self hosted website. This New HTML5 friendly custom WordPress themes are now available Here…….

A semantic, HTML5, canvas for CSS artists and an ultra-minimal set of super-clean templates for your own WordPress theme development.

As a designer you can use this Toolbox theme markup to do anything you want, according to WordPress. You can also use Toolbox to build your own WordPress theme for a self-hosted site.

For those familiar with designing around WordPress themes, Toolbox might strike you as distinctively Sandbox-like and you wouldn’t be wrong to think so.Toolbox provides all the markup you need to build your very own theme with CSS alone with one difference.Toolbox uses some really exciting new HTML5 elements like <article> , <header>, and <nav>. So now it easy to  better describe what your content is all about.

Demo Of  HTML5 friendly Theme : Here

Download HTML5 friendly WordPress Theme : Here

Download Sample CSS for your Toolbox :Here

For Custom CSS Upgrade : Visit


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