Outlook Offers Sign-In By Alias, Rolls Out 32 New Email Domains

Microsoft has been putting its weight behind its revamped email service, Outlook. The company has now offered a number of new impressive features for Outlook, such as allowing users to sign in using their alias rather than the actual username as well as offering 32 new region-specific domains.

Outlook alias

One of the key features that Microsoft has added to Outlook is the ability to activate two-step verification. Two-step verification has proved to be a fairly effective mechanism in ensuring account security and Outlook users have the option of activating it on their accounts now.

At the same time, users can select an alias for their Outlook email and then use the alias rather than the primary username to sign in. This is especially significant because it allows users to sign in with more ease. Users can utilize this option to choose a different alias for their Outlook account when they want to use it on a new device. Especially in a world where individual users are fast becoming multi-device owners, this feature can be very useful.

Finally, Outlook has also rolled out 32 new country-specific email domains. This essentially means that you can have an @outlook id which will be unique to the country you live in. For instance, if you reside in Australia and have an outlook account, you can have the domain at outlook.com.au. Currently, Outlook is offering country-specific email domains for 32 countries. You can check out if your country is on the list posted below.


Source: Outlook

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