Big Players Join Hands To Build Single Knowledge Repository For Web Developers And Designers

Yesterday, the was formally launched. So, what is it? It is an effort to create an “accurate, up-to-date, and comprehensive” resource for web developers and designers. What’s the fuzz? Don’t we have such sites spring up every now and then? Sites with such slogan springs out time to time, and falls into oblivion. Only this time, an open web community for developer have come into existence with backings from major players, both in commerce and regulation, on the web – Adobe, Apple, Facebook, Google, HP, Microsoft, Mozilla, Nokia, Opera and W3C.

The new website aims to serve the open web community with answers to the “trickiest (and simplest)” design and development questions. Initially the content will be provided from the repository of the big participants under creative commons license. Dedicated member s of each organization will be working on creating, editing, and maintaining the content. Gradually the site will pick up dedicated individuals from its users in the team.

The wiki like document repository of will allow users to create and edit content. Other collaboration media like IRC chat channels, Q&A forums, and blogs will keep the users tied into the same string.

The will offer up-to-date information on all major open web standards, tips and tricks for solving design and development problems, best practices in the web development process and in-depth information on browser support and compatibility issues. The site will also offer status of standardization of particular technologies.

The is currently under alpha release, and calling out for volunteers. If you would love to be a part of it, then head over to

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