Music Recommendation Service Shuts Down has been a popular music recommendation service. However, in an arena which is increasingly dominated by the likes of Spotify and Pandora, has reached its conclusion. The team behind the service has sent out an email, announcing that it is shutting down has been rather unique in that it offered music recommendations based on the choices of your friends. The algorithms it deployed to curate the right recommendations for you was different from most other offerings in the arena, which was the key reason why so many people were enticed by the service.

However, the team hasn’t been able to muster sufficient funds to keep the service going. According to an official email sent out today, “We’re really sad to say that on September 23rd we will be shutting down Piki. We are a small team and unfortunately we don’t have the resources to continue developing and maintaining Piki. We sincerely thank you for trying Piki and we hope that you enjoyed it as much as we did.”

However, the good part is that the service is not being closed entirely. Rather, the Piki team will be reorienting its resources towards a new version of which is expected to arrive sometime in October this year.

The email further reads, “The team has refocused on a new version of, coming early October. If you’re interested in getting an email when we launch, please enter your email here We’re not going to leave you empty handed. You can download the list of all of your picks as a CSV file or make it a Spotify playlist here:”

Courtesy: Venture Beat

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