Netflix Hails Google Fiber In Its First Monthly ISP Speed Rankings

Netflix, with its huge user base, is one of the highest bandwidth consuming services. By gauging the speed at which users are able to stream its videos, Netflix is able to determine what speeds ISPs are able to provide. Based on this data, the company has now released its first monthly ISP speed rankings.

Netflix has also announced that it will be releasing such ISP speed rankings each month, based on the monthly performance of the ISPs used by its users to access its content.

As per this month’s ranking, Netflix has deemed Google Fiber “the most consistently fast ISP in America.” Although, Google Fiber service is still available only to a few hundred users, the quality of the service is manifest in the praise Netflix has heaped on it. On average, Google Fiber commands a speed of 2.55Mbps.

Verizon’s FiOS has come in at second place with an average speed of 2.19 Mbps. Third in the list is Comcast with 2.17 Mbps of average speeds.

Netflix ISP speed rankings

What is rather interesting to note is that Netflix has ranked wireless carriers at the bottom of the list. According to the company, the speeds provided by these carriers have been the poorest. In fact, Netflix has specifically pointed out AT&T for its poor performance on its home broadband as well as mobile networks.

Netflix claims that its estimations of the performance of different ISP providers is fairly accurate, based on extensive data. According to the company, “Our 30 million members view over 1 billion hours of Netflix per month, so we have very reliable data for consumers to compare ISPs in terms of real world performance.”

Source: Netflix
Courtesy: The Verge

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