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Play ‘Robot Unicorn Attack’: Funny Online Flash Game

Robot Unicorn Attack” is the most popular online flash game. Almost everyone is playing it. And it’s in the top ten trending topics in Twitter & Google. Anyway, if you have enough time to waste & nothing to do, you can play it.

As a robot unicorn, you have to jump and dash across the level. The longer you stay alive gathering rainbow fairies, the higher your score goes. The gameplay is simple and you’d be surprised how long you can jump and dash in the air. It almost seems as if you’re playing as Pegasus. Add Erasure’s Always to the mix and the game is nearly perfect.

Wait 1-2 Min to load the full Game

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As you gallop rightward across the pastel fantasy landscape, you must leap over chasms and avoid running into walls for as long as you can to build your score. For even more points, you can collect floating faeries or plow through star blocks with your dash ability. It’s pretty much the gayest thing ever, but you can take comfort in the fact that there are robots and explosions if you start to feel threatened.

What’s surprising is how much care clearly went into realizing this absurd premise. The graphics are pretty impressive for a Flash game, particularly the unicorn’s animations, which are incredibly fluid and realistic. The developers’ were obviously committed to the game’s warped fantasy aesthetic – if the rainbows that trail from your unicorn mid-leap don’t bring a smile to your face, then the dolphins that skip across the screen when you reach a high score surely will. And the soundtrack from synth-pop duo Erasure fits the game’s atmosphere to a T. It’s not the deepest browser game out there (although, to its credit, it boasts twice as many buttons as Canabalt), but it’s pretty damn fun nonetheless.

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*Its Complete Game, might take 1-10Min depending on your internet speed. Thanks for your time. Enjoy the game.

We respect all copyrights of its respective owners and we hold no responsibility for the contents of this game. Robot Unicorn Attack is part of Cartoon Network Material and owned by With permission from Cartoon Network we brought this game. Please visit for more info.


Instruction: Playing this game is very easy. Just Press “Z” to jump over rocks to rocks. You will die if you run into a star, run into rock, or fall off a rock. The more points you score, the more difficult the game becomes. A helpful tip in the game is the fact that you can jump again in mid-air by pressing the Z button again.
Playtime: You have three lives wishes, and because you can stay alive for a fairly long time, the play time can be anywhere from five to 10 minutes. Finally, if you can play long enough, you’ll see a dolphin, which makes this Time Waster even better. The only warning I have is that you’ll have Always in your head all day by playing this

Robot Unicorn Attack is an exciting adventure game from Adult Swim. It is a limitless one player game. There is only one version, which is the free playable flash version. There is one constant level of play in which the player tries to survive various obstacles. The character is a robot unicorn, running freely on the purple grass and rainbow background of the game. The player needs to collect fairies while leaping from rock to rock and attacking the stars that get in the way. A player only has 3 attempts to get a high score . Players need to be aware of the fact that the game gets faster and faster the longer the unicorn is on the field.

Robot Unicorn Attack Game

The controls needed for play consist of letters Z and X . The object of Robot Unicorn Attack is to have your robot unicorn survive as long as it can to get points. You will die if you run into a star, run into rock, or fall off a rock. The more points you score, the more difficult the game becomes. A helpful tip in the game is the fact that you can jump again in mid-air by pressing the Z button again.

This cool unicorn game does not have any cheat codes available online so skill and concentration are needed to do well. Once the player dies, the head will fly off the screen. This will automatically take you to the main menu where you can obtain your final score. At this point, you have the option to either end, or start a new game. Robot Unicorn Attack was rated 6.2 out of 10 by Metatcritic. Over 1 million gamers have played Robot Unicorn Attack.

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