Demonoid Is Back! Full Site Will Be Online Soon.

In August, Ukrainian authorities took down the servers of popular torrent service Demonoid. Since then the Demonoid team was trying its best to revive the service online. The good news is after three and a half months of downtime, from Monday Demonoid’s tracker has come back online.


Most of Demonoid servers were located in a popular datacenter, Colocall, in Ukrain. In August, the Ukrainian authorities raided the data center, confiscated a lot of equipment and shut down the Demonoid servers. After the incidence Demonoid’s administrators put three main domain names of the service up for sale. But as the Demonoid’s users never gave up hope that the site would return, so the tech admins of the site were determined to get the site back online as soon as possible. And after the three and a half month long struggle, popular torrent tracker Demonoid has started to come back online from Monday. Here is the screenshot proving “Demonoid’s tracker is working.”

This sudden revival of the tracker indicates that the Demonoid team is working very hard to bring the full site back online. At present, the index and forum are in offline mode but thousands of torrents tracked by Demonoid have been brought back to life. According to the IP address linked to the tracker, the new host appears to be physically located in Hong Kong. But at present you will find the website down.

TorrentFreak wrote, “In 2007 and 2009 Demonoid suffered similar downtime episodes and at the time the tracker reappeared several weeks before the site.”

One administrator of Demonoid said, “You know how it goes with Demonoid. It might take a while but it will come back.”

TorrentFreak has asked Demonoid’s tech admin for a comment on the tracker comeback and the possible return of the website. Stay with us. We’ll update you as soon as we get some new information.

Source : TorrentFreak

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