Police Arrests Gore Site Operator Over Posting Video Of Real Murder

Police in Edmonton has arrested Mark Marek, who runs a ‘real gore’ website. A real gore site essentially means that he posts videos of actual incidents of graphic violence. Marek recently posted a video of the murder of student Jun Lin by Luka Magnotta, over which he has been arrested by the police.

Edminton police

There are no definite Canadian laws that apply in this case. However, police has charged him with ‘corrupting morals’ over posting the video of an actual murder. According to the authorities, Marek was interrogated after the arrest and he apparently revealed such details which have shocked the officials.

Marek’s site, bestgore.com, has been lambasted as an invitation to violence. The website hosts very graphic videos of incidents which usually involve brutal killings around the world. While Marek is certainly not involved in any of these crimes himself, he tends to post them online and glorify them. Seems like the movie Saw inspired him to do such thing.

However, according to the details gathered by the police, Marek is a queer character who not only has racist tendencies but also ascribes to a strange religiosity and panders to conspiracy theories. Given such a mindset, it is no wonder that he would happily post graphic content online.

The rather disturbing part is that the claimed viewership of the Best Gore website goes well into millions per month. This shows that while Marek has been rightly highlighted for ascribing to an absolutely unacceptable behavior, there are millions out there who silently condone it and share his interests.

Courtesy: Montreal Magazine

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