Report: Copy-And-Paste Is The Most Popular Web Sharing Method

In our age of social media sites each of which boasts millions of users, data sharing has become more seamless and sophisticated. However, a report claims that despite this, the most popular method of sharing data on the web continues to be copy-and-paste.

Copy and Paste

What this report claims is very significant for marketers and businesses alike. Website have been focusing on adding more social media share buttons to their pages, hoping this may encourage the users to share them oftener.

But if the report is indeed right, and copy-and-paste remains the most popular method, then evidently the businesses have been focusing their strengths at wrong places. The report has been published by web advertising firm 33Across and claims that of all the data shared on the web, 82% is passed through copy-and-paste.

However, copying images on the web is rather unpopular which, the report claims, accounts for a mere 12% of total copy-and-paste jobs. Whereas this does come as a fairly surprising bit of information, we are going to take it with a grain of salt.

That is because 33Across is actively involved in the copy-and-paste business in the sense that it owns Tynt, which is a copy-and-paste optimization firm. So, 33Across has a monetary stake in promoting copy-and-paste trend and luring marketers towards it.

Source: 33Across

Courtesy: FastCompany

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