Have Fun On Google By Searching ‘Zerg Rush’

Google has a knack of throwing a lot of cookies and Easters eggs our way. Some times, it’s a very well-crafted logo, at others, its something interesting in the search results. This time, the search giant is back with another very interesting thing. Google ‘Zerg Rush’ and you will know what happens. Still eager? Read below.

‘Zerg’ is basically the enemies that were a part of the massively popular game series StarCraft. The notorious enemy characters were too many and it was a pain to rid them.

Somewhat along the same lines, when you search ‘Zerg Rush’ on Google, you do get a rush of these fellows. First, the page loads normally and the search results are displayed. However, soon tiny little O’s start popping on the screen and start eating away at the search results.

You can eliminate such a Google Zerg by clicking on it a few times but these clever devils are too many to tackle and before you know it, they eat away all of your search results and then conclude this by doing a victory dance of their own. This, they do by forming up two G’s on the screen.

You can either play the game again or share the score with your friends on Google+. Nonetheless, the game is yet another endeavor by Google to continue making online search a fun thing.

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