Russian Internet Giant Sets New Office In US, Launched 3 Mobile Apps

For the last few months, we have heard that Russian internet company, Group has been planning to launch internationally under the name In continuation to materialize that step, lately the company has opened a Silicon Valley office and launched to provide a suite of communication and entertainment apps for US users. Group has been a keen investor over the years in other technology companies. It develops products centered around advertising. The company’s revenue comes from display and contextual advertising in addition to selling so-called “value-added services,” such as online games and virtual gifts. However, Group is considered to be in fifth place handling the email platform in the world after Google, Yahoo, Microsoft and AOL.

After setting up a new office in the US, the company is not offering any independent email product, rather the company has launched three mobile products: myMail, myChat and myGames, which the company claims will make ‘easier’ and ‘more exciting’ to manage email, communicate with friends and family and discover captivating new games.

Be noted, all the mobile apps support for both iOS and Android platform. myMail lets users manage other email accounts from services such as Google, Yahoo, Microsoft and AOL. myChat is a video and text messaging mobile application for iOS and Android, and myGames is a portfolio of games including Jungle Heat, Poker Arena, Lucky Fields and Evolution.

Source: PC World

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