Russian Pirate Party Offers To Sponsor NASA’s Web Hosting Bills

It’s been a few days since the US government was ‘shut down’, sending the internet into a frenzy of endless memes and jokes. Within a few hours of the government’s shut down, NASA’s site went down due to lack of federal government funding. Russia’s Pirate Party has now offered to fund the hosting bills for NASA.


Many have regarded the shutdown of US government as one, huge joke that is simply an outcome of the mutual imbecility of Democrats and Republicans. However, the shutdown has a real impact since it has sent many federal employees on unpaid leave for an indefinite period.

Apparently, NASA is directly dependent on the financial wisdom of the folks at Congress. Since Congress failed to approve the budget timely, the space agency has run out of funds and its website has been down for a few days now.

Using the occasion to take a jibe at the US government, Russian Pirate Party has written a tongue-in-cheek letter to NASA, offering to foot the bill for the site’s hosting expenses. The letter reads thus,

To NASA, USA from Pirate Party of Russia

Dear Madame/Sir,

We do care about the situation around your web site and the budget crisis in USA. Thereby we would like to offer you bulletproof collocation or dedicated servers on our hosting platform till the end of the crisis. We stand for Internet privacy, and as the result you would not have to worry about programs such as PRISM and other illegal activities of secret services of different countries. Your traffic, your activity and the activity of your users will be in safety.

We love Mars!’

It’s certainly great to note that even if the US federal government is out of funds, others in Russia are concerned enough to fund NASA.

Source: RIA
Courtesy: CNET

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