Screen Sharing Becomes Available On Apple Support Site

Screen sharing can be very helpful when a remote customer support representative is trying to diagnose a problem with your PC or Mac. Until now, the feature could only be requested on the official Apple Support website, but now customers can initiate screen sharing instantly and on their own.

Apple Support screen sharing

If a tech support helpline is limited only to diagnostic details shared through a call or via email, it may take quite some time before the customer representative is able to understand the problem. But when you turn on screen sharing, you are able to share with the tech support the exact state of your machine.

This is precisely why Apple’s decision to offer the feature on its Support site is really commendable. Once you select this option, a temporary download takes place. Thanks to this download, you will then be able to share your screen when Apple’s tech support team initiates a support call.

The feature can be disabled simply by unchecking the box next to the screen sharing option. However, this option is currently available for only voice calls. So if you have reached out to Apple tech support team through a chat session, you won’t be able to initiate screen sharing.

Until recently, the screen sharing option was exclusively the decision of the tech rep. But now, Apple has handed over this option to the customers, as is explained by the company, “If a customer opts to use screensharing, the AppleCare rep must comply with their request whether they think it will help or not.”

Source: Apple Support
Courtesy: 9to5mac

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