Spruce Up Your Blog With Ghost, A New Publishing Platform

Ghost is an excellent open-source publishing platform that offers a very easy way of perking up the looks and design of your blog. In a way, the software aims to revolutionize the world of blogging. It was launched as a KickStarter project and has been able to meet its funding goals.


The best thing about Ghost is that it is really easy to set up. It essentially manages the content on your blog in whatever way you want it to. In other words, the very dashboard of the software and the blog that is a result of this dashboard, is highly flexible and you can tweak it to your own needs.

The project was launched in KickStarter with the aim of crowdsourcing some £25,000, but it has already raised pledges to the tune of £100,000. You can gain access to the platform by pledging a mere £16 to the project.

John O’Nolan, the founder of Ghost, said, “I came up with Ghost due to the frustrations of trying to manage both small and large blogs with other platforms. They generally fall into two categories. Either complicated content management systems which can “do everything” – or overly simple social networks which are pretty much just for sharing photos of cats. Ghost is about bloggers, it’s about publishing, it’s about journalism, and it’s about promoting and enabling real writing for the web.”

What makes Ghost special, O’Nolan says, is that it’s primary focus is publishing. He says that the platform means to empower bloggers and help them build their blogs more neatly and effectively. If you are a WordPress developer, Ghost will help you convert your WordPress code into Ghost’s native framework in a few simple steps.

You can browse to the platform’s KickStarter campaign or simply visit Ghost’s official website to get a more intimate look.

Source: KickStarter

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