Silicon Valley Power Offers Free Wi-Fi Via Smart Meters

Much of the U.S. is moving from electric meters to smart meters that can send usage information over the air, usually through Wi-Fi networks. Silicon Valley Power has taken this a bit further; it has added open channels for a city-wide free Wi-Fi service for the residents of Santa Clara.


It is free; the signal’s can be found throughout the city. Silicon Valley Power has installed about 600 transceivers throughout the city. However, the reception would be stronger in outdoors.

“We are the first utility in the nation to offer free Wi-Fi as part of the smart meter rollout,” said Silicon Valley Power’s Larry Owens. He also revealed that the service is seeing 3,000 users a day in less than a week.

The SSID of the Wi-Fi network is “SVPMeterConnectWifi.” The network is unencrypted; that means, it won’t be as secure as a paid Wi-Fi network.

The cost of implementing the Wi-Fi network element with the million dollar smart metering system was very little, according Owen.

For more information about the free Wi-Fi service visit

Source: MercuryNews

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