Yahoo Brings Meme: New Extended Twitter


It finally comes. Yahoo first starts it in Portuguese now here comes In English.
Yahoo Meme

Its a New Extended Twitter Type Micro Blogging Tool. It dont have twitter 140 Letter limit, and it comes with new rocking feature like directly viewable image, video, mp3 sharing option. Lot easier interface.

Yahoo! Meme is still in its close Alpha. I myself got one invitation from its developer. My Meme is

Right now Yahoo Meme is completely invitation based, i got few invitation left also, So i decided to give one invitation to this site’s reader, Just comment in this post, make sure you commented something worth a comment, not just junk. I will send invitation in your email.

Now here is some digging for Meme.

What is Meme?

“Meme is where you share everything you find that’s interesting”.

What does Meme mean?

A “meme” is commonly known in the web as some kind of content that spreads fast and draws everyone’s attention.

The term itself was created by Richard Dawkins and published in his book “The Selfish Gene” in 1976. It refers to a specific fragment of culture or behavior that’s multiplied between individuals, similarly to what happens with genes in the field of biology.

We’ve obviously used the name in a free interpretation of it’s original scientific meaning, however the essence of the idea remains the same.

Read Whats Yahoo Saying about it

Use of Meme

Meme is a space to share anything that is cool, which you encounter on the Internet in a simple and fast manner.

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