Smart Car Utilizes ASCII Art To Create Twitter Commercial

The magic of marketing lies in utilizing some very basic concepts and tools to create something big, which has an impact. This is precisely what Smart Car Argentina has done now. The twitter account of the company has created a very unique, innovative commercial that uses different ASCII characters to show the journey of the smart car through an entire town.

The company has created tweets with the help of ASCII characters. There are a whole lot of them. You can view them right here. Now, all you have to do is to press the ‘J’ button when you go to the page and the tweets are scrolled down so that you are able to visually feel the car moving around a town, passing traffic and a number of buildings.

ASCII art has been used in a number of innovative ways at a lot other places. But so far, we haven’t seen a promotion of this kind, at least not on Twitter yet. It is truly remarkable that the company has found a way around the limitation of 140 characters by stitching together a visual story in multiple tweets.

This is the first ‘Twitter commercial’, the company tells. This means that we can expect more releases of this kind from the company. The best part is that with millions now flocking to Twitter, this can prove to be an all-new, novel concept for advertisement and marketing of products.



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