1 Million Facebook Status Comments Break Guinness World Record

So, if you were wondering what people are doing with their lives these days, well…apparently they spend it on Facebook trying to break Guinness Book Records. As bizarre as it might sound, they actually succeed at it, too. The British lady Cathy Matthews and 106 of her friends who are enamored with the game Frontierville and everything Facebook, dedicated their time and patience to fill 1,001,291 comments attached to a single Facebook post.

The group met online, after miss Matthews decided to volunteer as the community groups’ administrator. Then her friend Nattie Murphy suggested the wacky idea that they try and break the record. With 100 people being involved in the scheme, each person would have had to comment on the post more than 9,300 times each. The entire thing lasted a few months. Wow, that’s a lot of effort!

They dethroned the previous record held by a Facebook group called “Ffgpioneers/gwr/attempt” back on October 30, 2011, but they did not originally manage to gather up 1,000,000 posts. That was rectified immediately after the record was recorded of course.

Zynga the company, who developed Frontierville, holds some interesting records itself. It has been awarded “most popular Facebook game developer”. One of its other games Cityville snatched the crown for the “most popular game on Facebook” in 2010.


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