Nielsen And Twitter Join Hands To Devise Social TV Ratings

Nielsen is very well-known for being the firm who has been dishing out reliable TV ratings, year after year. With the huge shift in the TV-watching trends as we grew more digital, it is good to see that Nielsen is trying to adapt to these trends. It has now partnered with Twitter to create social TV ratings.

Nielsen Twitter TV Rating

Social media is fast becoming the live pulse of public sentiment. People take to Twitter to vent out their anger or to express their praise for a book they read or a TV show they have just watched.

Banking on this, Nielsen apparently plans to keep track of this social sentiment and base its forthcoming TV ratings on it. The ratings will collectively be termed Nielsen Twitter TV Ratings and will try to discern the overall response of the audience to a given TV show while it is being broadcast.

By analysing this sentiment, the new metric will allow broadcasters to see which of their content can engage the audience and which leaves them disinterested.

According to the President of Global Media Products and Advertisers Solutions at Nielsen, Steve Hasker, “The Nielsen Twitter TV Rating is a significant step forward for the industry, particularly as programmers develop increasingly captivating live TV and new second-screen experiences, and advertisers create integrated ad campaigns that combine paid and earned media.”

He also dished out a few praising words for his company’s new partner, “As a media measurement leader we recognize that Twitter is the pre-eminent source of real-time television engagement data.”

Courtesy: Engadget

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