A Real Story About Steve Jobs And How He Was A Real Person, Regular Guy

Steve Jobs has been eulogized, criticized, hailed, lambasted and what not over the years. Yet no one can deny that he was an innovator to the core and gave the tech world some of its best designs. A Quora post recently asked users to reveal stories of their encounter with Jobs if they ever met him. Here’s a rather interesting one.

Steve Jobs

Tim Smith is the Principal at Applied Design Group. According to him, his girlfriend lived right next to Steve Jobs’ house, so he was often in the vicinity. Once he was driving his car across the home and it broke right in front of Jobs’ house.

Smith says that he didn’t want to appear like a stalker and as the Jobs’ family drove into their home, apparently returning from somewhere, he didn’t ask for their help. Laurene Powell Jobs, Steve Jobs’ wife, though inquired about his car and offered him a beer.

She then phoned a relative of her who knew a little something about cars and asked him to see if he could fix it. Meanwhile, Steve Jobs arrived and tried to crank the car. However, the car refused to stir and Jobs got out of it, mildly annoyed with it.

Smith writes, “You don’t often get close to people like the Jobs, much less in a ridiculous situation like this, where you realize that they are just really good people. They’re normal, funny, charitable, real people. Not the people the press talks about. Steve is not the maniacal business and design despot the media loves to portray – well he is, but not always. These were real, nice, people.”

It is indeed strange to know this side of Jobs, after we have all seen his ultra-professional self that he has been at Apple for years.

Source: Quora

Courtesy: Apple Insider

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