Nokia Sets A Unique World Record Of The First Ever Longest Status Update On Facebook

Sometimes, words are not enough to convey what we want to and sometimes, there are no words to say exactly what we want to. Hence, for those who know the art of brevity, micro-blogging is the best, but for those who need to be elaborative about what they say, Facebook is a good option. When it comes to marketing, the more it is said for the promotion, the better. Facebook increased its words limit on status update to 6,3206. One would think, why anything wants to say so much in a status update and who would want to say so much in a status update.

The answer is simple when one looks at the example set by Nokia. The mobile manufacturer made a status update that had 62,896 characters according to ZDNet. The post can be seen on Nokia’s Facebook page. But this world record was set by Nokia for a good purpose. It asked its users to tell about their moment when they passed through ‘the first time I picked up a Nokia phone’ moment and share their experiences. All Nokia did in response to receiving users’ experiences is to past it all into a single status update.

This is a smart marketing move that as yet no one had thought about. Now, others might do something like this and join in the line. The trend is not bad when utilized properly. Especially when there is users’ input, it is cherished by customers if they know what has been done with their response, and to post it all on the official Facebook page is something that they would actually like how their responses should end up for the whole world to see.

Here is the status below


We love working on our Facebook page. It’s important to us to keep you guys happy and do more than just post a status update. We like to have fun with it! Over the past few years we’ve seen April Fools jokes, hidden competitions and even the awesome launch of TRON happen on our page. The best thing though? It has to be the stuff that you guys share. The amazing photography that we’re seeing every day is just the tip of the iceberg! Seriously, our Facebook community take some awesome photos. At the start of last year we all made a decision that these pictures were too good to waste, so we started working on an album of our favourite shot for each month. We called it the Pic of The Month album: Almost everyone who works at our Nokia HQ in Finland has seen it 🙂

It’s worth keeping that last point in mind – we’re always listening. We’re always passing your ideas and feedback along, helping where we can and making sure that we’re keeping you all interested. That’s all that we can really ask of you -keep doing what you’re doing, you rock!!


So, what do YOU guys on our Facebook page think about Nokia and our phones? We asked this very same question on our wall recently…

It was no surprise to see the camera being one of the most praised features on our phones. Simon Lawrence loves his “8meg camera with Carl Zeiss lens”, which can be found on our new Nokia Lumia 800! Niraj Joshi is also a big fan of our cameras, noting how the “Nokia N8 [has] won the best camera phone of the year”. There was a lot of love for the front facing cameras that can be found on some of our phones – thanks for the important feedback, guys!

The quality of our products is something that is SO important to us, and we were delighted to see it recognised by our Facebook community. Gabriel Alvarez made us blush, explaining that he likes Nokia for the level of “quality, functionality and style to everyone|, while Yun Gonzalez elaborates a bit with “quality in hardware… Very durable”. Durability is also a priority of ours as we don’t want you breaking your phones!

These comments are so great but one of our most favourite words that kept popping up was “friendly”. We kept seeing that word being used in comments throughout the thread, it was great to see. Most of them were referring to the phone itself, such as Potchi Barrientos, who praised Nokia phones for being “very user friendly!!” According to Potchi, he has been a loyal Nokia user for a long, long time. He’s even still using his old black Nokia 6303 classic! Maybe you should test out a Nokia Lumia, Potchi!

All-in-all we had over 3,000 responses to our question. There were so many great comments and pieces of feedback left within our question, it was truly fantastic. We’re happy that you guys recognise the good things about our products, and even happier that you see them (and us!) as friendly.

The End 🙂

Nokia has been kind too by just setting the world record at 62,8596 and leaving out reaching the limit by some 310 characters. Now some one or some other company can cover the rest of the characters in their own unique status update and set a new world record. This is a sort of an open challenge, an undeclared invitation to match the feat. With further spread of the word, more Facebook users are visiting the post and ‘Like’-ing it, so by now it has millions of Likes from its fans.

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