American Users Losing Interest In Facebook

Facebook has been around for nearly 8 years. During this time, it has trumped a number of other social networks to emerge as the undisputed champion of the arena. However, its own reign may be in danger now that a significant number of American users are beginning to lose interest in it.


Nearly 67% of online American adults have signed up for Facebook and use if often. This shows that the social network is a huge phenomenon in the American digital world. But a new poll by Pew Research Center suggests that this user base is beginning to dwindle.

Of the total American Facebook users, a whopping 61% are starting to take long breaks from the website, citing a variety of reasons. More specifically, 42% of the users in the age bracket 18 – 29, have plans of cutting down on the time they spend on Facebook. Another 30% of users aged between 30 and 49 affirm similar intents.

The question is, what is driving this change. From the responses of the participants in the poll, it seems that users are increasingly cognizant of the fact that they spend a bit too much time on the social network. Around 21% of the respondents cited that they no longer have time to use Facebook, which indicates a clear shift in the priorities. Another 10% blamed Facebook for a lack of compelling content.

Approximately 9% of the respondents think that Facebook has become the den of gossips and other useless content, whereas another 8% fear they have become addicts and wish to remedy that. While this may still indicate the trends in a small sample of Facebook’s total population, it may be the beginning of the users’ disillusionment.

Source: Pew Research

Courtesy: Washington Examiner

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