Amplify Can Find Social Media Conversations About You And Your Brands

Artificial intelligence has come about to play an increasingly significant role in social media marketing. Different AI tools are being used to target niche audiences, send out automated messages and connect with them. Amplify, a new AI tool for social media use, ups the ante by providing a whole host of even more intelligent features.


Amplify is unique in that it does not simply do keyword-based search across social media websites. Rather, it truly deploys intelligent means to dig deep into the social media and find out any conversations that may be happening about you or your brand.

Santanu Bhattacharya, who is the CEO of Salorix, the company that has created Amplify, “It allows brands to build preapproved messages and target people that would be interested in them. It enables them to maintain control over messages and avoid ‘Twitter fires.'”

Amplify is initially fed data that has been read through and marked by humans with different scores, based on its relevance. By banking on this data, Amplify is then able to parse through huge amounts of tweets and find out which of them are indeed relevant to a company or a brand.

The best part is that it can even discern the context of a conversation, which is extra-ordinary improvement over the conventional social media marketing tools. According to Bhattacharya, “When people are talking about apples and oranges, the program figures out whether they’re talking about fruit or about tech companies.”

It can be even be used to send out targeted tweets after it locates relevant conversations. Even these targeted tweets, though automated, are intelligent in that they speak about the things that the targeted person spoke of and is thus interested in. For instance, if he spoke about tablets, he would receive a tweet mentioning tablets not solar cars.

Source: Forbes

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