Are You Up For Gambleville On Facebook?

According to reports, Facebook is finally getting serious with the money-making business. The reports state that Facebook is consulting a number of experts in the casino industry and intends to bring the real gambling experience to Facebook. This would mean that you could actually place bets, win them or lose them, on Facebook.

Real gambling on Facebook:
Facebook will go public with it’s shares afloat next year. Naturally, it wants to look like a very profitable company, up with multiple revenue streams. Apparently in a bid to secure another steady revenue stream, Facebook is in negotiations with gambling companies and experts to bring the experience of gambling right on the social network. Of course with millions of users on Facebook, any gambling company would simply love to have such a huge market for potential investment.

The issue that may delay the finalization of any such deal is, as per the experts, the age verification. People may enter false age when signing up on Facebook and that can naturally deceive the social network into according the status of an adult to a kid. Given the laws around the globe on gambling, there has to be certain age limit for it and that age limit has to be verified on Facebook. Facebook is still looking for ways to ensure such verification. One method, perhaps, could be to gather the corresponding ID of the user, maybe issued by the country of his/her residence.

Whatever be it, Facebook has said, in a statement, that it will make sure that kids are protected and are in no way affected by any faulty policy on Facebook’s part.

Image courtesy Joelk75.
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