What The Future Behold For A Networked Society?

What do you expect the future to behold? How would you think the world will be shaped by 2020? What opportunities will it bring? Will it be able to realize the dream of a brighter future? How would technology play a role in it? How would we play a role in it?

To find the answer, Ericsson (the world leading telecom vendor) has taken an initiative named ‘Networked Society’. This ‘framework’ wishes to explore the possibilities of a connected world
by engaging people from all walks of life to ask the questions of tomorrow and find the shaping ideas for the future.

The special section ‘Networked Society’ at Ericsson website features sections where people can ask the questions of tomorrow and propose solutions to address them, measure the impact of connectivity on human societies and give ideas to shape the future, and learn about initiatives that are already taking place. The special section also features some excellent documentaries on how connectivity had shaped our past, shaping our present and will shape our future.

The latest on the series of documentaries is ‘On the Brink’ looks into the past, present and future of connectivity and technology, and their impact on people and society. [Before you go on reading this article, watch this great documentary and decide if you want your take on shaping the future.]

If you decided to lend your voice then jump right on to ericsson.com/networkedsociety or facebook.com/NetworkedSociety or you can access it through the Android App Ericsson Networked Society. Because ‘when one person connects their life changes. With everything connected our world changes.’


Manoj Pravakar Saha is an Editor of TheTechJournal. He was one the founding members of TheTechJournal. He was working for the telecom gear-maker Ericsson before joining TheTechJournal team. Manoj searches for meaning in this chaotic world. Find him on Google+.

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