Around 50% Underage Children Use Facebook In US And UK

Though Facebook came far later after Twitter, it went on top (current world ranking #2) and surpassed all other websites just like this. May be, Facebook is the second one (Google might be the First one) that grabbed the popularity in a very short time. All over the world, even children are using it specially in US and UK. More than 48% children between 8-13 are fond of using Facebook. Now try to understood, how Facebook went on top so fast within a very short time!

Children Using Facebook

Now a days, internet has become an essential part of our day to day life. In order to communicate with people in a deep way, Facebook has been playing a vital role. It has achieved such popularity that, even children are tending to use it. A recent survey at least says so. Approximate 44% of UK children and 39% of U.S. children from 8-12 years of age use Facebook. Moreover, the figure of 8 year old children is 23% who use Facebook across both countries. These 8 years children mostly use Facebook because of the games. Surprisingly, even 6 years of age children are aware of Facebook. 66% of 6 years of age have said that they have heard of Facebook. In order to create a personal account in Facebook, minimum requirement of age is 13 (may be according to Facebook age 13 is maturity), but 58% children of age 12 in America and the UK have their own account. Children really have interest to use it whatever the reason is, but as they are not matured to sign up, so they stay away from it.

Naturally, children are more interested in playing games than to maintaining socialism in Facebook. But, due to rules and regulations, those children under the age of 13 who can’t use Facebook, some of them anyhow using it through internet-enabled smartphone. As a matter of fact, 10% of among those children who gets the access to use Facebook through smartphone, use their parents account at first in order to log in.

Ian Douthwaite, CEO of Dubit, which conducted the reserach said: ‘There is a current danger on Facebook that if children lie about their age and don’t register a correct date of birth that they will be getting served advertising that is not appropriate for their age. Our research shows that games are one of the main reasons for children joining social networks – 36% of 6-14 years old have played games on Facebook in the last month. It emphasises the importance games play in attracting children to social networks.’ 53% of children in both the U.S. and the UK have said they would be interested in a social network which allowed children.

Hope so, Facebook owner Mark Elliot Zuckerberg will look into the matter and do some amendments. But what do you think, guys? What kind of amendments should be done? Don’t forget to tell us.

Source : Mailonline


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