Backstreet Boys Spin A Tune On The Angry Lady In Apple Store

We recently reported that a lady walked into one of Apple Stores in Los Angeles and started shouting in sheer anger over having to wait for AppleCare service. The incident, captured over a video, has now been into a piece of music, thanks to a creative spin put on it by the BackStreet Boys.

Angry lady

The lady in question, who raged out at an Apple Store, was apparently under the impression that as soon as she walks into the Store, she’d be offered AppleCare assistance. However, as is the norm at most Apple Store locations, the lady had to wait behind a number of customers who were there before.

As if the Vine of the incident, posted by Porscha Coleman, was not funny enough, the clip got the attention of Jimmy Kimmel. The late night show host instantly realized that the clip had musical potential. Incidentally, Backstreet Boys were present in Kimmel’s studio and they decided to turn the clip into music.

So they took the dialogues uttered by the lady and turned it into a sing-song musical creation. We must admit, this sing song version certainly appears far less angrier than the actual clip was.

Courtesy: CNET

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