CBS Twitter Account Was Hacked By Syrian Electronic Army

In the past, the Syrian Electronic Army has been involved in hacking the social media accounts of a number of media organizations. The group now claims responsibility for the recent hacking of CBS twitter accounts.

Hacked CBS account

The Twitter accounts of CBS were hacked yesterday and remained in that state for nearly an hour. During this time, the hackers sent out many tweets through the account, citing that the U.S. government was helping Al-Qaeda operatives in Syria to bring down the Bashar al-Assad regime. The tweets posted by the group led users to malware-infected websites.

Thankfully, the account was recovered within an hour. Until now, it was unclear as to who was behind the hacking. Now, the Syrian Electronic Army claims responsibility for the attack, stating on its official website, “The Syrian Electronic Army hacked today several Twitter accounts of CBS-American Network. And published through it the truth.”

Along with this message, the group also posted a screenshot of one of the hacked accounts. In the past, SEA has been involved in hacking social media accounts of NPR, Human Rights Watch and a number of other organizations. According to the group, it believes that the international media reports fabricated news about what’s happening in Syria, and wishes to expose this. Twitter has repeatedly blocked the group’s accounts on the micro-blogging website, but the group returns every time with a new account.

Source: Syrian Electronic Army

Courtesy: Slashgear

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