Facebook Tops The Preference List Of Love-Seeking Singles

There are many sites that are recognized as dating sites. Many people often sign up there for free or by paying a small amount of cash as registration fee. Facebook has changed the online dating industry by becoming the top choice of love-seeking singles.

Dating sites

Being the largest social network, it is only natural that Facebook will be used  for all sorts of online networking. This includes looking for a relationship partner, or the love of your life. In simpler words, the sheer size of Facebook allows it to leverage the position of being the top dating site.

Yes, Facebook isn’t intrinsically structured like a dating site and yes, it hasn’t declared itself to be a such a service either. But by being the very first choice of most love-seeking singles, Facebook gets the medal anyway.

Marketing firm Jana recently surveyed a total of 1500 individuals from around nine countries. These individuals were asked what was their first online stop when looking for a relationship. According to the results, Facebook was the top choice among individuals from all nine countries. Twitter was a close second while, shockingly enough, MySpace is alive and came in third.

The survey was primarily focused on emerging markets and the respondents hailed from Indonesia, India, Vietnam, Philippines, Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa, Brazil and Mexico. While the likes of Facebook and Twitter top the list in terms of the average responses, there are certain services which are more prevalent and popular in certain areas.

For instance, Facebook is the most popular relationship-seeking site in India but second on the list is Shaadi, a local dating site. Another interesting metric explored by the research was to see how many individuals succeeded in meeting someone online.

Dating success

The highest percentage came from Vietnamese respondents, 67% of whom said that they found someone online. In contrast, Brazil came in last with the lowest numbers where only 25% of the respondents had succeeded in their search.

Source: Jana
Courtesy: Daily Mail

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