Crowdsourcing Campaigns Launched To Help Boston Bombing Victims

In the wake of the recent tragedy of Boston bombings, a number of online crowdsourcing campaigns have been launched to gather funds for the victims of the incident. Over the course of a mere two days, these campaigns have been able to pool hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Jeff Bauman

One of these campaigns is Bucks for Bauman. Jeff Bauman was among the people injured in the incident and is a key witness. Within two days of launching, the campaign was able to raise $250,000. It aims to pool $1 million which will then be used in helping Bauman recover.

According to Brooke Gibs, who created the campaign, “We have created this fundraiser to raise money to help support our dear friend, Jeff and his family. As most of you know, Jeff was severely affected by the tragedy that had taken place at the Patriots Day Boston Marathon this year. Throughout this difficult time we want to help in every which way we possibly can to get Bauman back on track as soon as possible.Medical bills are going to start rolling in, let’s get a head start on helping out Bauman and his family! Every dollar counts!”

Another similar campaign aims to help Celeste Corcoran and her daughter, both of which sustained many injuries as a result of the bombing. This campaign has raised more than $500,000 so far. Such campaigns have also been launched for a number of other victims.

It is indeed heart-warming to note that online crowdsourcing funding is being used for such a noble task. And it goes on to show that while technology may be disruptive, it also helps us connect and help.

Source: Bucks for Bauman/Celeste and Syney

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