‘Drunk While Driving’ Facebook Status Leads To Arrest

Facebook may be your space to vent out them emotions and thoughts. But to be sure, the social media has proved risky grounds when it comes to statements claiming infringement on laws. This was manifest yet again when a user, who proudly mentioned in his status that he was driving while drunk, was arrested.


Naturally, if you have hundreds of friends on Facebook or thousands of followers on Twitter, it is tantamount to sheer foolishness to share such a claim on your profile. In fact, even indulging in such behaviour is reckless and can cause monetary and physical damage but that’s another issue.

The user in question, Jacob Cox-Brown updated his Facebook status, saying, “”Drivin drunk … classsic 😉 but to whoever’s vehicle i hit i am sorry. :P”. Now, Brown has some 650 Facebook friends which is certainly a whole lot.

Two of his friends alerted the authorities about the status, out of concern for his safety or the contrary, we can’t be sure. The authorities launched a brief round of investigations and after it was clear that Brown indeed meant it, he was taken into custody.

It is a good thing that the legal authorities are trying to keep up with the social media in nabbing those indulging in such behaviour. As it turns out, the social media has given the ‘peer pressure’ an all new meaning. People tend to to indulge in all kind of stupid acts merely to snatch a photo or upload a Facebook status about it. And that ought to be actively discouraged.

Courtesy: Digi Triad

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