Canadian Man Offering A Free Round-The-World Plane Ticket

Canadian Man, Jordan Axani is offering a free air ticket for round-the-world trip to any woman with his ex-girlfriend’s name.


On this Monday, Jordan Axani has posted on Reddit that he wants to give away one spare air ticket to a Canadian woman who has the name Elizabeth Gallagher. Note that, Elizabeth Gallagher is the name of his ex-girlfriend. Although it sounds a bit weird, but if you have any idea about changing one’s name on airline ticket, then it makes sense anyway.

Jordan Axani planned a ‘fairly wicked trip’ around the world with his ex-girlfriend on this Christmas as he mentioned in the post. But their relationship did not just work out and they fall apart. Yet Axani wants to go for this trip but his ex-girlfriend doesn’t. So Axani does not want to waste the air ticket as around-the-world tickets are usually very expensive. Most importantly, returning the ticket or name change on a ticket is almost impossible.

Although, only ticket will be given away to anyone named Elizabeth Gallagher and she must have to be a Canadian citizen, but other expenses like hotels, transports, food and others costs have to be covered by the winner. Because of the long time duration, other expenses is not very less. The itinerary is sort of like this :

December 21: NYC >> Milan
December 28: Prague >> Paris
December 29: Paris >> Bangkok
January 7: Bangkok >> New Delhi
January 8: New Delhi >> Toronto

Axani also mentioned, he does not want anything in returns, but he just wants that the lucky woman enjoys this trip. But he puts some ground rules like – to get this free ticket you must have to be sane, smart and interesting. After all this, many girls named Elizabeth Gallagher has come forward and mailed him. But there is no response yet from Axani.

On the other hand, when this Reddit post is going viral through the internet, some people are questioning about real existence of Jordan Axani as this over-night-popular Reddit acount was opened just two days before posting this announcement!

Source: Reddit

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