Earthquake Buddy Alerts Friends About Your Location When An Earthquake Strikes

Earthquake Buddy is a brand new application developed by The App Collective to alert friends and family of your location when an earthquake strikes. The application is $3.99 on the iOS app-store and works to resolve the issue of finding loved ones in the midst of a disaster. Last year when a major earthquake struck Japan, communication was a huge issue because phone lines went down rather quickly.

Once downloaded, Earthquake Buddy prompts users to enter details of four friends or family members. If an earthquake with a magnitude of above 5.5 were to strike, all your buddies will be contacted with information on your current whereabouts. Typically, the message will be sent as an email, but can be setup so buddies receive a Facebook alert, SMS message, or tweet.

This service is meant for citizens who live in popular earthquake zones, such as Japan, Asia, or the west-coast of the USA. Anyone can download it though, and it’s actually suggested tourists do-so because they’re constantly traveling. “Our aim is to introduce the app online and at a ground level through world organizations who can implement their duty of care by ensuring all smartphone users carry this app,” notes CEO Adam Wells.

Currently the application is available to iOS users only for a price of $3.99. CEO Wells assures that Android users will find the application on the Google Play store soon as well.

Source: PRNewswire


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