Top Ten Advertisers On Facebook Finally Revealed

Facebook heavily relies on advertisements to garner its annual revenue. The social network has never revealed who its top advertisers are but now Business Insider has compiled a well-researched list.

Facebook ads

More than 80% of Facebook’s quaterly revenue comes from advertising. Many major brands use Facebook campaigns to reach out to more consumers, in turn paying Facebook handsome amounts. But the company shies away from telling who pays it the top dollar when it comes to ads. Since Facebook is not required to divulge this information to SEC, it has remained a secret so far.

But Business Insider has researched into this and compiled a list based on its best estimates. The top ten Facebook advertisers from this list are mentioned below.

According to BI estimates, Samsung spent nearly $100 million on Facebook ads during the last 12 months. The company spent a whopping $10 million during three weeks near the launch of Galaxy S III. Such huge Facebook ad budgets make Samsung the largest advertiser on the social network.

Proctor & Gamble has been relying heavily on Facebook to reach out to its customers. The company has spent huge amounts on Facebook ads, piling up a $60 million in bills for these ads during the last one year. Given that, it is no surprise that P&G has multiple official pages, each with a huge number of fans.

This one is an interesting revelation. Remember how every time you search something on Facebook, the web search results you get come from Bing and not Google. Clearly, Microsoft and Facebook tend to agree on some points. This may be why Microsoft dished out some $35 million on its Facebook ads in the last one year.

AT&T is among the top wireless carriers in the US, having millions of customers. The company has a huge presence on Facebook and keeps that presence well-fuelled with paid ads. No budget estimates are available for AT&T’s ads spending during last 12 months.

The amazing thing about Facebook is no matter what another company thinks of the social network, it has a strong presence on the platform just to be on the safe side. Amazon, for instance, spent a whopping $30 million on Facebook ads during last 1 year. This makes sense because Amazon gets a lot of its e-retail traffic from the social network.

Ever since Facebook’s mobile apps have been out and used by hundreds of millions of users, the wireless carriers have started advertising with the giant. The mobile audience of the social network is too valuable to miss for the likes of Verizon who have been able to push ads to them and earn new subscribers. The carrier spent $30 million on Facebook ads during the last year.

Nestle has been doing smart social media campaigns for a while now. The company has a huge presence on Facebook and recently made headlines by endorsing the popular Grumpy Cat of internet memes fame. Nestle’s ads budget for the last 12 months was $30 million, putting it on the list of top Facebook spenders.

Unilever owns many immensely popular brands and products all over the world. The company has been rather creative in its Facebook ads, many of which have gained exceptional popularity and traction. Among the 5 most shared ads on social media during 2013, two were created by Unilever. However, this is not to say that the $30 million Unilever spent on Facebook ads didn’t play a role in it.

American Express:
The company spent $25 million on Facebook ads in the last one year, backing up one of its recent membership apps and trying to sign up new users. It remains to be seen how successful this Facebook app was but AmEx itself has a huge presence on the social network.

Coca Cola:
Coca Cola is one of the Facebook darlings. The company has a knack of creating viral ads and social media campaigns, often gaining a lot of traction. With 76 million fans on Facebook, it is pretty obvious that Coke is immensely popular. Budget estimates for the company’s ad spending are not available but it sure does dish out those millions to keep the fans hooked.

Source: Business Insider

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