Facebook Adds New Feature: Shows Percentage Of Fans Who See A Post

Facebook has become increasingly important for the brands to stay relevant and important on the social media. Facebook pages are a central hub for most brands to connect with their millions of fans and the social network keeps adding newer features to make this more easy and convenient. Now, Facebook has added yet another feature to pages.

With the help of this feature, a brand can see that what percent of the fans who have joined the page were able to view a particular post. In this way, this would help the brands in gauging which of their posts were more popular with the fans and which were ignored by the majority.

Facebook revealed earlier that most posts on the brand pages are viewed by only 16% of the fans on that page. This essentially means that brands can still improve a lot in terms of reaching out to a greater audience and having their products marketed more effectively.

According to Facebook, the feature is still available with the pages which feature the old design. And that the social network has plans of updating the pages with newer looks with the feature in the coming days.

Currently, only a limited number of users are able to make use of the tool which provides a breakdown of viral as well as organic responses. However, eventually all fan pages will support the feature. Having gone public, the company has greater pressure to amass success in the coming days and this may be a part of the strategy to do so.

Source: Mashable

Image Courtesy: Mashable

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