Facebook Lets You Take A Fleeting Look At 2012 With ‘2012 Year In Review’ Feature

A number of social media websites let you take a quick look on your entire year as a quick, cool review, when the new year arrives. This year, Facebook has added itself to that list by offering ‘2012 year in review’ to all its users. The review, as the name suggests, is a fleeting glance at the things that happened on your Timeline during the whole year.

2012 year in review

The best part of this new feature is that it is personalized. You don’t essentially have to look at the important events in the history of Facebook, rather only at those that happened to you through 2012. You can view the images you added, events you attended, any special occasions that came by and a lot more besides.

The review essentially lets you see 20 biggest moments of 2012 related to you. The ‘bigness’ of any instance is apparently calculated by gauging how popular it was among your Facebook friends.

At the same time, the social network has dished out another page titled ‘Stories’ which goes on to show the most popular global trends based on the interactions of the Facebook audience. You can see these trends categorized according to countries and being offered for some 11 countries as of now.

The trends include the famous happenings related to sports, public figures, books, technology, politics, television, movies and a lot more during 2012. It lets you get a quick look at the most notable things during the whole year across a broad range of interests. You can check out the 2012 Stories here.

Source: Facebook

Courtesy: Engadget

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