Facebook Apologizing For Locking A ‘Small Portion’ Of Users Out Of Their Accounts

If you own an account (it could be bank account or any social networking account), then it’s natural that you should have all the access of your account. But lately that has not happened for Facebook. Yesterday, Facebook locked a ‘small portion’ of users out of their accounts and now the social networking company is apologizing.


On Monday afternoon, some Facebook users reported on Twitter and Hacker News that, for some unknown reason, they were locked out of their accounts. In the error message displayed, users were prompted to upload a photo ID in order to verify that they are the account holder. Here’s a tweet from someone affected by the issue:

People Complain About Facebook Locking

However, as soon as Facebook came to know the fact, the company issued a statement on the matter saying it “promptly removed” the messages when the Facebook team “discovered the error” and for such issue the company is “sorry” and the issue has been solved.

Facebook said, “Earlier this evening, we showed an account verification message to a very small portion of our users unnecessarily. We promptly removed the messages when we discovered the error. We’re sorry for any inconvenience we may have caused.”

Many people are saying that this could be just a mistake of Facebook, and not a security related matter that caused this issue. Some mentions this incident as “accidents happen.”

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