Facebook: You Can No Longer Be Unsearchable By Name

For long, Facebook has offered the users with the option of being unsearchable by name. If you had activated the feature, no other user could look you up by searching your name. Now, however, the social network is eliminating the very option. In other words, you can no longer be unsearchable on Facebook.

Facebook privacy settings

Facebook’s privacy settings have grown increasingly complex over the years. As the social network has evolved, it has pushed back on universal privacy settings and encouraged customized privacy settings for different kinds of content. For instance, while initially you were supposed to provide one privacy setting for all your Wall posts, you can now individually tweak the visibility of each post.

Being unsearchable by name on Facebook has been a much-valued feature by many users. Although it isn’t exactly a fool-proof privacy solution, it did shield the users from any unwanted attention by strangers. However, it also gave the users a false sense of security because despite this option, their profile and other details are still searchable through many other methods (Example. Graph Search).

Facebook plans to eliminate this feature in the next few months. Such users who are currently using the feature will be notified through a message which will read, “This setting controlled whether people could find your Timeline by searching for your name. We’re removing the setting because it isn’t as useful as it was before, and now there are better ways to manage your privacy using your privacy shortcuts.”

To some extent, this is true. However, if you have a bunch of stalkers who are insistent on looking up your profile, being unsearchable is a really useful feature. And once it is gone, you’ll have to be extra careful on the social network.

Source: Facebook

Courtesy: TechCrunch

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