Facebook Comments Box Now Available For Mobile Devices

Facebook Comments Box plug-in has been used increasingly used in websites and forums across the web. It is easy to use and allows users, signed in on fb, to directly comment. However, this feature wasn’t available earlier for mobile phone users. In this latest update, Facebook has provided support for mobile devices for this plug-in so that the comments box on all the websites that use it will appear automatically on mobile devices.

Facebook Comments box plug-in is a very effective tool for websites. The admins can not only flag important comments, the plug-in also effectively removes spam comments. Those posting the comments can also choose to have the comments viewable by friends and in their news feed. The admin of a website can also choose not to have the plug-in appear in mobile devices.

The number of users accessing the web from mobile devices has increased tremendously over the recent years. The number of shoppers accessing internet from mobile devices has increased by 11%, which is the triple of the total mobile shoppers in 2010. So analysts consider internet users, through mobile devices, a major emerging market on which websites can cash upon. Facebook has been leading the way by rolling out features that are well supported on mobile devices. And now, with the mobile support for comment box plug-in, Facebook has again led the way. However, Facebook features come with privacy concerns, something which may bother website admins.

Image Courtesy crazyoctopus.
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