Facebook Finally Files For IPO Valued At $5 Billion

Everyone has been eagerly waiting for Facebook to go public. For long Facebook has withheld the temptation, just trying to build itself up and reach a very sustainable level by expanding it’s revenue streams. And now, finally, it’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg has given the nod and the company has gone public. The company is looking forward to raising a whooping $5 billion from the IPO filing. This will result in turning hundreds of Facebook employees into millionaires. 

This move has long been anticipated by everyone, including Wall Street. Analysts had said that after filing IPO, Facebook’s overall value will increase and will further speed up it’s pace. Facebook took a long while to go public, normally companies go public really soon after they start getting a handsome revenue stream. Mark Zuckerberg wanted to construct a Facebook that was well into multiple businesses and revenue streams before it went public. And he actually accomplished that.

Normally employees of a company are really eager for the company to go public so that they can redeem the stock of shares they receive regularly. This could have greatly increased the pressure on Facebook. But Facebook fended this pressure off by offering special stock sale programs to it’s employees. These program allowed the employees to sell off some their stock for liquidity.

You can the detailed registration statement from Facebook right here.

Image courtesy Marcopako.

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