Facebook Finally Releases Photo Sync Feature For All Users

Facebook has been toying with the Photo Sync feature for quite some time. The feature had been tested out by a limited number of users and now, the social network has decided to roll it out to all of its users. It essentially allows a user to automatically sync photos taken on a smartphone to a private album on Facebook.

Photo Sync

With the help of the new feature, all the photos you take on your smartphone automatically go into the private album. You can then sort out the ones you wish to share with your Facebook contacts.

To start using the feature on your phone, go to Facebook and navigate to the sidebar on the left side of the page. In the sidebar, you will see Apps and right under it, the Photos tab. In photos, you will be able to choose the ‘Synced’ option which will be positioned right next to Albums and Photos of You options.

When you hit the ‘Synced’ button, you are asked for the confirmation along with the following explanation, “Get the photos in your camera roll to Facebook automatically.¬†Your photos stay private¬†until you choose shots to share.” For now, you are able to sync only up to 2GB of photos. We can expect Facebook to relax that limit eventually.

Whereas the feature is certainly very useful, it is still being made available to the users. If you are unable to access it, rest assured that soon you will be able to make use of the Photo Sync feature on your smartphone.

Source: Facebook

Courtesy: PC Mag

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