Facebook, Happy Birthday for Your 8th Year!

Who’s a birthday boy this week? We have a couple of hints for you. Biggest social network to date, has approximately 845 million active users and was first launched in order to help out Harvard undergrads. Figured it out yet? Yes, it’s Facebook. Zuckerberg’s baby will be turning 8, after experiencing a thrilling year. According to sites like Mashable, Facebook has successfully kept the number one spot as the world’s most visited non-Google site in the world, starting this August.


The company has managed to pull record after record, because of its ongoing policy of creating an evolving user experience. Face it, one way or another, Facebook has changed your life or has added something to it. Can you even imagine a world deprived of status updates, friend requests, changing relationships statues or photo tags?

In the process of bringing a more user integrated experience (bringing apps, games and multiple ways of interacting with friends) Facebook also ruthlessly wiped out the competition: Myspace, hi5, Orkut – all have gone silent and now are abandoned modern day Prypiats.

Back in May 2010, Social Media Today estimated that Facebook had the attention of 41, 6% of the population who had set up a Facebook account. In India the growth has been exponential, as Facebook has registered a growth of 132% this year, while in Turkey or Chile, 80% of global Internet users are followers of Facebook. Russia boasts a head count of 5 million people. With the recent IPO, Facebook is bound to grow even more.


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