Histagrams Brings History To Life In A Very Odd Way

History classes are often steeped in boring facts leaving out the social underpinnings we knew took place behind the scenes. But two MTV designers named Gusto NYC and Gavin Alaoen have made Histagrams, a website where they imagine what history would have looked like if its protagonists used Instagram.


Just imagine, Isaac Newton had Instagram and when he discovered gravity, he shared it in Instagram. Or else think of DaVinci who posted Instagram teasers while working on the Mona Lisa. What about Abe Lincoln had shared on Instagram just moments before entering the Ford Theater? Well, this is the idea behind Histagrams, a site that features Instagrams posted by some of history’s biggest players.

The pictures shared on Histagrams include hashtags and comments using today’s social media jargon to let us take a peek into the minds of our favorite people in history. From Napoleon’s rise to power to The Beatles’ first gig, the site Histagrams covers some of the biggest events in history through a digital lens. In fact, the made-up Instagram posts are a fun and imaginative way to re-imagine history. Here are some of the best hits of Histagrams below.

Abe Lincoln
Albert Einstein
Ben Franklin
Bill Clinton
Charles Darwin
Da Vinci
Jack Dawson
Jesus Christ
Martin Luther King
Neil Armstrong
Sir Newton
T. Rex

Seeing historical events unfold (or at least seeing historic figures’ comments on those events) on Instagram might even be a good way for kids to remember historically significant events.

Source: Bored Panda

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