Facebook Introduces ‘Share’ Button In Its Mobile Site

Facebook has a number of defining features which have made it the darling of the social media over the years. Among them is the ‘Share’ button which can be used to share photo, video, status or any other content from a contact. The good news for mobile users is that Facebook has now introduced the ‘share’ button on its mobile site too.

Facebook Mobile Site Share ButtonUntil now, mobile users were able to avail only the ‘like’ and ‘comment’ features. This was probably done to keep things simple on the mobile version of the social network. However, Facebook has finally added the ‘share’ button to the mobile version too.

When using the ‘share’ feature on a mobile device, one can’t help but feel that it looks a lot like the retweet option offered by Twitter. Not only can you repost a photo, a link or a status by a friend, you can also add your text to go with it before sharing it.

Facebook hasn’t specifically mentioned what prompted it to finally add this feature to its mobile version. The company has also announced that it will soon be adding the feature to its iOS and Android apps too.

Social media giants are striving hard to take a smooth transition as a major chunk of their audience moves from the web to mobile. And in doing so, it is becoming hard to distinguish between different social media big-wigs. This is manifest in this new feature that Facebook has rolled out. It looks quite the same as ‘Retweet’ feature and Twitter, on other hand, has been tinkering with the possibility of launching a ‘Like’ button to the tweets.

Courtesy: CNET

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