Facebook Is Introducing 360-degree Photos To The News Feed

Facebook has released support for 360-degree videos back in last September. The social network has announced on this Wednesday that it’s about to launch 360-degree photos to your News Feed in next few weeks.

Facebook 360-degree photos

The Facebook 360-degree photos will look quite different than the it’s 360-degree videos. You will able to change your view of the picture by dragging the finger or cursor if you use the desktop computer. You will get the view around the screen as well as holding the smartphone from the different angle. The 360-degree feature will assist images shot with the 360-degree camera and panoramic image that has been captured on smartphones.

Facebook Is Introducing 360-degree Photos To The News Feed

Back in 2014, Facebook acquired the virtual reality (VR) company Oculus for $2 billion US dollar. Now that acquisition looks handy for the company. The 360-degree feature is part of an extensive mission for framing Facebook as a way to explore distant places through virtual reality as it’s also connected directly to Oculus. The virtual reality developers have already built more than 250 apps for Gear VR.

360-Degree Photos

The photos will be visible in Facebook’s mobile apps, website as well as the user will be able to view the 360-degree photos on both Gear VR and Rift headsets that shared on the social network.

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