Facebook Surpasses One Billion Mobile Users Per Month

Facebook has long been tried to mull its mobile user base in order to boost ad revenues. The company is finally succeeding as is evident in its Q1 earnings which show a huge profit growth and a mobile user base exceeding one billion users per month.

Facebook monthly mobile users

Only a year ago, it seemed that Facebook was failing in the mobile space. But the social network has been able to turn its huge ship around and rapidly improve within the course of a single year. To give you a perspective of this improvement, Facebook earned $373 in profits with a revenue of $1.45 billion in the first quarter of 2013.

Fast forward one year and Facebook has bagged a revenue of $2.5 billion of which $1.07 billion is profit, during the first quarter of 2014. Not only that, the company has hugely increased its per-user earning. In North America, Facebook made $5.18 per user from ads revenue during the first quarter. This is an 80% year-over-year growth.

Back in 2013, many analysts and pundits predicted that if Facebook couldn’t rapidly scale up its mobile user base, it is doomed. That does look like it in Q1 2013 when Facebook had 1.1 billion active monthly users and of them, 751 million were mobile users. Today, Facebook has reached the total user base of 1.28 billion and of these, more than a whopping 1 billion access the social network on their mobile handsets. In all, the results of Q1 show that Facebook is back on track and is mulling quite a muscle in the mobile arena.

Source: Facebook

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