Facebook Plans The Launch Of Open Graph Apps

Facebook is all set to make an important announcement during an event on Wednesday, Jan 18, 2012. The announcement is that Facebook will launch Open Graph apps at the occasion. There is also a possibility that all user accounts will be updated with a Timeline once this announcement is made, since Timeline is needed for most Open Graph apps. Currently, a few Open Graph apps are also functional, such as that of The Washington Post.

Open Graph apps is an all new concept that is being introduced by Facebook. This is how they work: you go to a website and read an article or listen to a song. Once you have accomplished that ‘action’, it is automatically shared on your Timeline if you approve the app on your profile. In this way, that article or song is shared in run-time with your friends on Facebook.

It is not clear how many Open Graph apps will be released during this event. Facebook had already been accepting submissions from developers for Open Graph apps. Once they apps are approved, the developers will be notified and apps will be launched. This launch of approved apps will most probably happen at this event.

Currently some Open Graph apps are already functional. For instance, if you opt for the app of ‘The Washington Post’, it automatically starts posting any articles that you read on TWP to your profile so that your friends can read and share it. Thus it integrates the phenomenon of web surfing deep within the social network.

Image courtesy stefanomaggi.

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