Facebook Plans To Launch Video Ads Inside News Feed

Facebook has been gradually pushing the envelope on advertisement across its pages. The social network is already criticized widely for its placement of advertisements all over the website, now including within users’ new feeds. But that’s not the end of it, since Facebook plans to launch video ads within the news feeds of the users too.


Facebook’s user base has increasingly shifted from desktop to the mobile platform. This possess many challenges for the social network, since the regular ads can’t be run on its mobile version. Rather, the company has to rely on in-feed ads for mobile users, for now. Compared to desktop users, the ads dished out and viewed by Facebook’s mobile users are a lot less.

Hence, it is only natural that Facebook is now trying hard to devise new advertisement methods to bolster the overall mobile ads revenue. According to Ad Age, Facebook has plans of rolling out video ads within the users’ news feeds in the near future. This new form of advertisement will be rolled out to both desktop and mobile users.

Thankfully, Facebook may be planning on limiting the length of these video ads to a mere 15 seconds, Ad Age speculates, also citing that Facebook will launch them some time during the first half of 2013.

Apparently, a number of ad industry executives have already been briefed on this issue by Facebook, so that they can gear up for a new mode advertisement across the largest social media hub on the internet.

Source: Reuters

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