Facebook Rolls Out 1,500 Plus New Emojis for Messenger

Facebook has rolled out more than 1,500 new emojis for Messenger. There are emojis with the new models, design, agnostical choices as well as you will find multi-colored emojis.

Facebook Rolls Out 1,500 Plus New Emojis for Messenger

Facebook Messenger has got the new set of awesome emojis for its million of users. The Facebook Inc. want to make sure that users are sending the right message through this new emojis. Regardless any emoji you send to your friend, it will be look alike for all Messenger. Even if your friends are using Android, iOS or any other operating system, the emojis will look exactly same. Because previously, we have experienced that emojis broke down when we send it to the different platform than ours and the receiver got blank boxes. With these new 1500 plus emojis, you don’t have to face that problem anymore.

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You will have emojis of new characters including the runner, surfer, swimmer, female police officer, pedestrian etc. You can pick the skin color for each of all these new emoticons.

You just have to tap the new emoji icon which you will find on the left of the message composer and you will find the right emoji that you need. The new emojis will be available worldwide from tomorrow. Happy chatting!


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