CityVille Beats FarmVille

The newest Zynga game has accomplished what no game maker, has done in recent memory:CityVille beats FarmVille as most popular game on Facebook and become Zynga’s biggest game……

CityVille now has 61 million active users, compared to 56 million for FarmVille, according to AppData. Having only launched at the beginning of this month, it’s gotten huge faster than any game in history.CityVille added 6.9 million users on Thursday alone. I had previously noted the game gained 10 million users between Sunday night.Zynga hasn’t hit it out of the park every time with its previous FarmVille follow-ups. The company’s most recent launch, FrontierVille which like CityVille was notable for its amped-up social features and was considered quite successful, is currently at 30 million monthly active users.


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  1. rene schmidgall gibson

    so if citiville has passed farmville  in players, you had best get your shit together and fix the problems!!!!!!! I have quit several times, but keep coming back.  O f my friends I was one of the first to start playing.  It took some convincing, and now we all enjoy the game, but the problems playing are a pain.  If I quit, I won’t come back and I will take as many friends with me as I can.  They are all having problems too.  Cannot accept special deliveries, had to ignore +87 today cause I couldn’t accept them.  Then my friends sent me energy and I couldn’t accept that.  When you try, the game throws you into the face page of the game and freezes.  I for one do not need the aggravation.  Please fix this!!!!! Now I can’t plant my crops because the damn thing keeps freezing up.  I then have to shut the system down, to re-boot in order to do anything.  Please Fix !!!!!!!!! One pissed off customer!!!!!!!!!!!

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